African Grey for adoption

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African Grey for adoption

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Hi,given out my 2years old female DNA proven African Grey for adoption with no Fee. She has quite a personality!! And is

gentle once she gets to know you.
Her name is Lola and she already wolf whistles and try’s to say odd words she comes complete with

her CITES papers. It is illegal to buy or sell(adopt) African Grey parrots without these

certificates however she has everything that is required!i have tried my best but my lifestyle of

work forces me to spend to much time away from home and I want her to go to a family who have the

time she needs.

I have an extensive setup which was bought a month prior to owning her as I wanted her to have as

much room and the best possible setup for her to live comfortably!
Cage is a Montana Berlin ,it’s a massive unique cage which has a huge door and a one of a kind flip

down top and roof.
It also comes with a table top stand which is dismantled at the moment
Second is a Montana travel cage this can be used for visits to the vets or for outdoor fun! It’s a

well built and reliable cage being made by one of the best cage makers and is easily assembled and

dismantled no tools needed.
She has a wide variety of toys java beaches and a big swing.

I have been honest so any other questions or if you’d like any more information feel free to contact




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